Covering the Gaps: New Faces Have Much to Offer in 2017

Covering the Gaps: New Faces Have Much to Offer in 2017

Senior outfielder Danielle Gariglio will take softball fans behind the scenes with her blog "Covering the Gaps" throughout the year. 

Welcome back everybody!

As our 2017 season is quickly approaching I figured it's time to get to know some of our new, fresh and unfamiliar faces of Rhody softball. This year we had nine newcomers. That's right, NINE! There certainly is strength in numbers, and our new additions to the Ram Fam added a ton of talent, fun and competitiveness to our ball club. I can't wait for you all to meet them! So, let's get started!

First off, we have Rachel Kuhlman. Rachel is a junior transfer who is a catcher, and also goes by "mom." She's super gritty behind the plate and is driven to succeed both personally and for the greater good of the team. She also has a laugh that you can hear from a mile away.

Next we have Melanie Martire, a sophomore transfer who's been working out at shortstop for us. She has super fast hands and knows how to get rid of the ball. I can tell that being on the field is where she wants to be most, and when she steps in between the lines she's as intense as they come. However, she also is someone who you're most likely to catch dancing when a good jam comes on in the barn!

And now, onto our seven freshmen.

Emily Zembik, or Zona as we like to call her, comes from the great state of Arizona. As you can see, our team gets really creative when it comes to picking out nicknames! Zembik appears to be cool, calm, quiet and collected, but she can knock you off your feet with a one liner faster than you can blink.

Madi Lewis is a work horse. Although I've only played with her for a few months now, there are few other people I have played with that play with as much passion and heart as she does.

Erica Robles is a solid corner infielder who shows up, does what she has to do and does it extremely well. She comes off as quiet and timid, but is also hilarious. She has also informed us that she likes to be called Pocahontas, Poca for short. Whatever gets a girl going, right?

Caileigh Holland is a centerfielder who can deliver. You know the Air Jordan logo? This is Caileigh's signature move out there in the grass! She's fast as lightning, has a great arm and can really rope a ball down the right field line. She's a cool and steady hand in our outfield and a great teammate.

Alex Pleasic, or Lexi as I like to call her, is a happy go lucky kid who is never not smiling. The spin on her pitches can make your knees buckle and have you swinging before the ball even crosses the plate. Plain and simple, she can make you look like a FOOL.

Sarah Gunderson is a stud. She's a pitcher, although arguably could play any of the nine positions on the field. Total Athlete. Sarah's passion for the game goes beyond the field as she has a softball IQ and on-field maturity that you don't always find in freshmen. I can't wait to see where this season will take her.

Last but not least is our California girl, Erika Yeager. An excellent first basemen, with a great bat. Be on the lookout for some Yeager bombs out on the Rhody softball complex this season. I see so much of my freshman year self in Erika; she's just happy to be along for the ride, driven to make a difference, while also always finding a way to be goofy and make her teammates laugh. I even went back in time and followed her around for the day last semester to relive the day in a life of a freshman. Check out the link to see my day with Erika!

Nine athletes, characters and amazing young women have joined our team this year and fit right into our Ram family. I can already feel that 2017 has something really special in store for us, and I want to thank all of the people from URI athletics, to Rhody alumni and our own families who have been supporting us along the way. Only 37 days until game day! Happy New Year everyone!

Talk to you soon,