At the Catch: With Katie Shattuck

At the Catch: With Katie Shattuck

Every year, the Rhode Island Rowing team heads down to DeLand, Fla. for its winter training trip. The Rams are able to log thousands of meters on Lake Beresford and the canals extending from it before heading back to Kingston to continue training indoors. This year, the team's seniors will give Rhody fans an inside look at what each day of the training trip is like. 

Today's post comes from senior Katie Shattuck

Today is the halfway point in Florida and we have gained a lot of speed these past five days! We are staying focused on training hard and getting faster every stroke. Today the team had a long day of skill and drill where we worked on our rowing technique while applying a lot of power. 

This morning was a little chillier than the past few days but the Florida chill cant stop Rhode Island! Today's morning practice was filled with different drills to help us improve our speed. We had a high level of focus to detail while maintaining a race mentality both on and off the water! 

This afternoon the team did a nice core circuit before we hit the water! The team got into smaller boats for a nice steady state row to put the technique improvements from this morning into action.

Rhode Island definitely got faster today and we are ready to get even faster in the next few days!