At the Catch: With Sage Iacovazzi

At the Catch: With Sage Iacovazzi

Every year, the Rhode Island Rowing team heads down to DeLand, Fla. for its winter training trip. The Rams are able to log thousands of meters on Lake Beresford and the canals extending from it before heading back to Kingston to continue training indoors. This year, the team's seniors will give Rhody fans an inside look at what each day of the training trip is like. 

Today's post comes from senior Sage Iacovazzi.

It's safe to say that we have officially dusted off the cobwebs from break and this training trip is in full swing. Complete with lengthy steady state rows, drills, 20-stroke pieces, core circuits, post-practice runs, and no shortage of blisters, this trip has already improved our team physically, mentally and technically in just three days. Not even a windy morning put a damper on our sprints and the effort put forth during practice.

To give a personal recap of the past few days, I have been working in fours with our associate head coach Jessica Lizzi. Our emphasis was on applying power effectively. I can definitely feel myself making proper technical changes!

As a senior, I immediately noticed how well our novices and freshmen are handling the high volume workouts that our Florida trip always brings. Their efforts will contribute to the growth of our team immensely.

Today, our lunchtime talk with Coach Jenna was about the idea of "embracing discomfort", in order to get comfortable with being uncomfortable when it comes to struggling physically or emotionally while rowing. The team was taught very important strategies on how to deal with this, such as telling ourselves that feeling discomfort during a workout means an opportunity to achieve is about to be presented.

Afternoon practice consisted of a relaxing yoga session to stretch out our muscles, followed by some work in mixed eights and fours. All the way down Beresford and back, we fought aggressively for our splits, not giving the choppy water a chance to slow us down in the least.

I look forward to the rest of the trip. I hope to see us continue to improve our speed every day, be present at every practice and have some great bonding experiences with my teammates.