Varsity 8 Beats BC and BU to Win 10th Straight Resolute Cup

Varsity 8 Beats BC and BU to Win 10th Straight Resolute Cup

Rhode Island's Varsity 8+ boat won its 10th consecutive Resolute Cup as it beat Boston College and Boston University in a tightly contested race Saturday morning on the Charles River.

Racing in a strong cross tailwind reaching gusts on 18 miles per hour, Rhody's lineup of Alissa Margraf (cox), Lily Herberger, Dana Holland, Emmy Corace, Alicia Kelley, Marisa Landry, Kiana Anderson, Katie Shattuck and Leah McGlynn finished in a time of 6:42.6, edging BC by just 2.5 seconds. Boston University was a close third, finishing in 6:51.2.

Boston College held off Rhody in the Second Varsity 8+ race, posting a time of 6:57.4. Rhode Island finished in 7:02.7, four seconds ahead of Boston University.

With moderately choppy water causing white caps at times, the water conditions forced the Varsity 4+ race to be canceled.

Varsity 8+
Rhode Island – 6:42.6
Boston College – 6:45.1
Boston University – 6:51.2

Second Varsity 8+
Boston College – 6:57.4
Rhode Island – 7:02.7
Boston University – 7:06.7

Varsity 4+
No Race

Third Varsity 8+
Radcliffe – 7:08.2
Boston College – 7:32.2
Rhode Island – 7:37.1

Rhode Island Lineups
Record: 10-5

Cox                Alissa Margraf 
Stroke            Lily Herberger
7 Seat            Dana Holland
6 Seat            Emmy Corace
5 Seat            Alicia Kelley
4 Seat            Marisa Landry
3 Seat            Kiana Anderson
2 Seat            Katie Shattuck
Bow               Leah McGlynn

2nd VARSITY 8+
Record: 8-7
Cox                Carly Amurao
Stroke            Courtney Harrington
7 Seat            Mekenzie Mattheson
6 Seat            Shannon McIsaac
5 Seat            Laura Kilbane
4 Seat            Sydney Beck
3 Seat            Emily Engott
2 Seat            Meghan Ellis
Bow               Kelsey Maymon

Record: 6-7
Cox                Lucy Moyes
Stroke            Danielle Wolf
3 Seat            Sage Iacovazzi
2 Seat            Allie Reilly
Bow               Erika Pena

Third Varsity 8+
Record: 4-4

Cox                Avery Cohen
Stroke            Lauren Smith
7 Seat            Chandler Fisher
6 Seat            Delaney Haggerty
5 Seat            Summer Johnson
4 Seat            Hannah Boris
3 Seat            Amber Abderrazzaq
2 Seat            Elizabeth Bushey
Bow               Sofia Capua