Journey With Jay: Last Day in Portugal, First Days in Spain

Journey With Jay: Last Day in Portugal, First Days in Spain

Welcome back!

On our last day in Portugal it was the best day ever. We went on small sail boats on the Tagus River.  Because our group was too big for one boat, they split us up into three different boats.  We loaded onto our vessels and began our journey down the river, which was so big it felt like it was the ocean. The weather was great which only made the trip even better. We got to dance, laugh, and make funny videos.

After a long day on the water we had our second game. They gym we played in is not like what we are all used to, but the competition was excellent. I enjoyed playing in Portugal because we learned a lot about ourselves as a team. Even though we didn't win the second game, we had glimpses of greatness. It really made me excited about the upcoming season. We have so many great aspects about our team, our fans, families, and donors will get to see a whole different team.

Although we had to say goodbye to Portugal and our beloved tour guide Francisco, we are also excited about another new adventure in Spain. Once we arrived we toured around Barcelona on bikes. Once again we were put into groups, with each one having its own tour guide to explain history and importance of what we were riding past.  One of my favorite parts was seeing the Arc de Triumph. I did not know that there is more than just the most famous one that resides in Paris, France.

Day two in Spain had us touring Park Guell. They had amazing architecture and various styles of designing walls and buildings. There were so many small hints of various aspirations in their work. I loved the different colors and the religious aspects as well. There were many buildings with small crosses on or on top of them.

Tonight I experienced one of the most fantastic live shows of my life, the Flamenco Show which was amazing. There were two singers, a guitarist and three dancers. They were all remarkable and fed off of each other so well. They were in perfect harmony all the time, with claps, snaps, and stomping in unison. The food was great and I think the girls enjoyed the show and passionate way in which these artists expressed themselves and their culture.

We only have a few more days left here in this beautiful country, and I'm looking forward to enjoying every last second of it! Until next time,

- Jalissa