The guiding principles of Rhody Golf are that we will act as gentlemen in all that we do and honor this great game with an unwavering commitment to the rules, sportsmanship, integrity, our community, growing the game, and academic priority. Our commitment to be champions is best defined by what we expect of ourselves and our teammates, and the sacrifices we make individually and as a team.  Every day is an opportunity to explore the depths of our potential and reach heights obtained only through hard work.  We acknowledge gratefully and with full responsibility that we represent 80 years of URI golfers, our teammates, our coaches, our varsity athletic classmates, athletic administration and staff, the University of Rhode Island, our families, our high schools, and all the people who played a role in our development as golfers and people.  We further recognize that it is a privilege to play golf at this level.

We are honorable in all we say and do.  We are responsible, accountable, respectful, passionate, grateful, and committed.

Punctuality and preparedness are fundamental to who we are and what we will achieve.

Strict adherence to the law at all levels, University and campus rules and guidelines, and team rules, guidelines and expectations, along with the overriding principle that we will act as gentlemen at all times govern our conduct.

Academic integrity, pursuit, and achievement are minimal expectations.  We will not miss a class or academic appointment of any kind without first informing the head coach.  We will take all quizzes and tests and complete all assignments on the day and time indicated by the professor.  If that is not possible, we will inform the head coach at the earliest time prior to the assignment deadline.  Academic obligation extends to appointments with Academic Advising, Study Hall and groups, pre-registration, and the completion of all non-class academic responsibilities.  In attending classes and in all academic or University functions, we will dress and act with respect.

We will not miss a practice or workout without permission.

We wear all team issued uniforms and clothing with great pride and only when representing the team.  We do not wear team issued clothing in social situations. Team issued equipment is for our own personal use and is to be protected and well taken care of.

The use of tobacco or recreational, illegal and/or banned substances in any form is prohibited.  While alcohol may be consumed by anyone of legal drinking age (but never during team activities or while wearing any team-issued clothing) we recognize that its ill-effects are not conducive to training and competing.

We will treat URI staff, competitors, coaches, officials, golf course personnel and the general public with respect.

In tournaments we host and in any/all practice sessions (especially at Point Judith Country Club) we will go out of our way to greet people not associated with our team with gratitude and enthusiasm.  We will re-stock and re-organize all practice areas before leaving the area.

We will refrain from loud, lewd, offensive, or aggressive language and behavior.

The use of social media is encouraged for the promotion of our golf program.  At no time will we ‘post’ a picture, statement or link that the coaching staff or parents would find offensive in any way.

When traveling (except when we are in the golf van) and in a public place, we will not wear headphones or use cell phones at any time.  When traveling and not at the competition site, we will be clean shaven and dress according to the circumstance.