From the 'Pen: Fall Ball

From the 'Pen: Fall Ball

Hello everyone!

It is the time of the year again where the boys are back together and practicing. Yet another fall ball season is upon us and it is a very important time of the year for our program. Fall ball is a time where everyone gets the chance to work on their game with the coaches and for the freshman to experience a college baseball type of atmosphere. It gives them an opportunity to showcase themselves in front of the rest of the team, and especially the coaching staff, to show us what they can do against Division I competition.

The way our fall ball schedule works is practice six days a week, Monday-Saturday. Out of those six days we spend three days working defensive drills, such as bunt defense or first-and-third plays. The other three days we have short scrimmages against each other where pitchers will get 1-2 innings of work against live hitters on the field. The scrimmages are highly energized and have a quick pace to them so that everyone is moving around. The way we practice during the fall will help us prepare and be ready for any situation that occurs when the spring season arrives.

At the end of the fall it becomes even more competitive as we have our Fall Ball world series! The stakes are raised during this last week because every year Coach Cerrato has a stipulation for the losing team. Throughout my years here, the losing team has had to cook/serve the winning team steaks at our team cookout at the end of the fall, while the losing team only gets to eat hot dogs. If that isn't motivation to go win a series, then I don't know what is!

Since our program has experienced a lot of success in recent years, especially within the conference, everyone comes after us like we are the "Top Dog". Based off our team's attitude, I feel we embrace being the team everyone wants to beat and it makes us work harder and want to win that much more. Even though we lost some key players last year due to graduation and the MLB draft, we will still be a very solid ball club. This fall will help us get better and help us become the team we want to be.

Thanks for checking in this week!

- Taso