At the Catch: Experience Training With 2018-19 Rowers

Thursday, January 10th - Maddie Van Ummersen
Our 2019 Florida training trip is off to a smooth start! We all arrived at DeLand this afternoon after a long morning of flights and airports, eager to get started with training. For Rhody Rowers, winter break means several weeks of tackling long workouts on our own, so being reunited in Florida is a big relief... [continue reading]

Friday, January 11th - Tory Bauer
Despite some blisters, our first full day of training camp was a success! Our morning row was beautiful. We were blessed with flat water, the sun was out and the high was 67 degrees... [continue reading]

Saturday, January 12th - Sage Iacovazzi 
It's safe to say that we have officially dusted off the cobwebs from break and this training trip is in full swing. Complete with lengthy steady state rows, drills, 20-stroke pieces, core circuits, post-practice runs, and no shortage of blisters, this trip has already improved our team physically, mentally and technically in just three days... [continue reading]

Sunday, January 13th - Karen Petrik
Today's training day was full of team competition! The day started with warm weather as we shoved off the dock for our morning practice. The sun was shining, and we were ready to attack the workout for the day. This workout called for the boats to be side by side, competing to get their bow out in front... [continue reading]

Monday, January 14th - Katie Shattuck
Today is the halfway point in Florida and we have gained a lot of speed these past five days! We are staying focused on training hard and getting faster every stroke. Today the team had a long day of skill and drill where we worked on our rowing technique while applying a lot of power... [continue reading]

Tuesday, January 15th - Erika Pena
Day six of our Florida training trip, and Rhode Island stands strong and proud. This morning the Rhode Island weather rolled in with some clouds and temperatures in the forties and we pulled out our long layers for the first time this trip. We hit the water hard in various boats and executed an intense workout that is a personal favorite of mine: leap frog. With miles of open water, boats competed to keep their bows out ahead... [continue reading]

Wednesday, January 16th - Madalyn Saporito
Having the afternoon off yesterday was a great break both physically and mentally, and it made us eager to get back on the water for some race pieces. With multiple 8's across, it was a great day for Rhody rowing! We hit the water with some mixed lineups and were able to practice staying composed in tight racing conditions... [continue reading]

Thursday, January 17th - Allie Reilly
This morning we hit the water for a long steady state row in fours. Working on various pauses and technical drills helps us to improve technique and form, which are crucial to boat speed.  As we gained meters down the St. John's river, a few alligators were spotted along the shore...[continue reading]

Friday, January 18th - Mekenzie Mattheson
Today the vans rolled at 6:45 a.m., a slightly jarring half hour earlier than our previous days in Florida. We watched the sun rise with brilliant colors of pink and orange, the perfect start to our last day in DeLand. Due to the impending Nor'easter (ah, welcome home) the trailer had to leave us earlier than what was planned. This meant that the morning row would be the last row of the 2019 Florida training trip... [continue reading]