Get to Know... Kasey Gagan

Get to Know... Kasey Gagan

The Rhode Island women's basketball team will depart for its trip to Portugal and Spain on Friday, Aug. 25. Leading up to trip, will have a series of question-and-answer pieces with the team's newcomers.

The series continues today with guard Kasey Gagan from Warwick, R.I. A guard, Gagan is one of three native Rhode Islanders on the roster this season, joining Josie Chaves of Newport and Davida Dale of Providence.

What was it about Rhode Island that stood out to you? You are a Rhode Island native, obviously. But from a basketball standpoint, what made the program attractive to you?
I am from here, and I wanted to stay close to my family. That was one big, main reason. I have two older brothers, plus my mom and my dad, who I am really close to. As far as basketball goes, I did the camp here, and I noticed that everyone really seemed to come together as a family. Everyone seemed to really support each other, which I have noticed in the practices as well.

How familiar were you with the coaching staff? What was it about the coaches that made you say, 'These are people I want to be around.'
Prior to the recruiting process, I did not know the coaching staff at all. But when I met them, it felt like they could really help me out. I believed they would help me advance my basketball skills and talent. This is where I felt I could reach my highest potential as a player.

How about from a University standpoint. You are here on campus this summer as part of the Talent Development program, getting adjusted. What was it about the school academically that appealed to you?
There are a lot of good counselors here who are willing to help you. They have the courses here that I was interested in, but having the academic counselors dedicated to basketball was big for me. Having that support system helped make this a fit.

You initially looked at Binghamton, and other schools. Was it a tough transition at all when you made the decision to come here and walk-on at Rhode Island, close to home instead?
It definitely was tough. It took me a while to make the initial decision to de-commit from Binghamton because over here, nothing is promised. Nothing was promised when I de-committed. It was hard. I knew I was going to have to work hard, and keep working hard because I am walking on to a team.

Did you know any of the players here before you made the decision? Another walk-on, Josie Chaves, played at Rogers (Newport, R.I.) and played a lot last season. How familiar were you with the team's personnel?
I knew Josie from high school. When I was a freshman, she was a senior. We played against each other at least three times. I knew she took a year off and then walked on. Seeing someone else do it, I could see myself working and putting myself into a position to follow suit as well.

With you, Josie and Davida Dale here, there are three native Rhode Islanders on the team this year. Is that something you are proud to be a part of? Do you know how rare an occurence that is for the program?
It's definitely rare for the program. There haven't been many Rhode Island natives on the team over the years. It's something all three of us should be proud of, being a part of this team.

What is something about you that none of your teammates know that they'd be surprised to find out?
I don't know that this is really a fun fact, but I sleep a lot. A lot. I really just played basketball and sleep. Basketball takes up a lot of time, and school takes up a lot of time. In between, I just sleep.

How do feel you are adjusting as a guard playing in the dribble drive?
The team started practicing before I got here, so I kind of came in during the middle of the practices. But they have all really helped me and supported me through every step. The transition has been easier than I was expecting.

The team has a foreign trip coming up. How exciting is that for you as a player?
It's definitely exciting. I've played throughout the United States, but I have never been overseas. I'm happy and proud to be able to see the talent over there. It's something I am really looking forward to. It's definitely a goal of mine eventually to try and play overseas, but my focus right now is working hard to get ready for this season here.