Get to Know... Abby Streeter

Get to Know... Abby Streeter

What was it about the University of Rhode Island that stood out to you and made you decide to come here?
The coaches here made my decision easier for me. At other schools, you didn't really get that family atmosphere that I felt here. The biggest thing Coach (Daynia) La-Force tells her recruits is that this is a very family-driven atmosphere. I felt like I would always be supported here. She said, "This is the best place for you." I believed her, and I have felt it ever since I got here. So I am very happy with my decision.

Since you have been here, what is it that has stood out the most to you, whether it be the coaches, your teammates, the campus. When you call folks back home to talk about Rhode Island, what is it that gets you most excited so far?
For me, I want to get as good as I can basketball-wise before we go to Portugal and Spain. I tell my parents that they really push us here, but I have been able to take it. I really like the way Coach La-Force teaches and coaches us. I've been really impressed with that.

You mentioned the upcoming trip. Is that going to be something new for you, traveling abroad and playing against international competition?
It'll be new, yes. But I think it will be similar to playing AAU ball, where you travel and play right away when you get off the plane. I'm really excited for the chance to play somewhere other than the United States. I think it's going to be a really cool experience for us. I hope to play overseas after college. You can sit here in the United States and tell yourself, "I want to play overseas." But you really don't know what it is like. Being able to get a sense for it and feel out international competition, you have a chance to ask yourself, "Could I really see myself playing over here?" That's what I am really looking forward to, finding out, "Okay, is this something I really want to do?"

For your type of game, as a shooter, does the dribble drive system have you excited?
I definitely think the offense they run here is most beneficial to how I play the game. This is a run-and-gun style team that likes to push the ball, and I believe one of the strongest points of my game is transition. We have started running the offense and it is starting to click for me. I am really excited. This is a really good 3-point shooting team, and I am happy for the opportunity to make a difference.

You were recruited by a number of schools in the Atlantic 10. What do you know about the conference and players from around the league?
The A-10 is a very strong league. I talked to schools at higher levels, including several in the conference. I wanted to go somewhere I could make a difference. I wanted that chance to really make a difference. I didn't want to go to a school where it was going to take years before I had a chance to play, or I couldn't really see myself fitting in. Other schools in the A-10 recruited me heavily, but Rhode Island recruited me the most. They said the right things to me. I love it here.

You got to see a few games in person last season. What impressions did you have of the team, and what have you learned about the team since getting here?
Last year seemed to be more of a learning year for the team. There weren't as many wins as they could have had. But what really mattered was that you could see a team that was learning from its mistakes in order to prevent them from happening in the future. This year, I see us being a lot more effective with the game plans the coaches give us.

What is something about you that your teammates would be surprised to learn?
I love watching 90's movies. I could sit and just watch 90's movies all day long. Those are my movies!