From the 'Pen: Locker Room Renovations

From the 'Pen: Locker Room Renovations

Welcome back Rhody fans! The past few weeks have been pretty crazy here as we have been on the road the past two weekends. For the first week of the season, we traveled down to Texas A&M. This past weekend, we were out in Seattle, where we won our first and second games of the season. This coming weekend, we will be down in Florida for three games at Jacksonville.

For this blog, I wanted to talk about our new locker room. Most importantly though, I want to acknowledge and thank our generous donors who helped make this much-needed renovation project possible! Most of us players here at URI live off campus, in Narragansett. So, we're excited to now have a nice place to hang out together, do homework or even nap when we have some down time here on campus.

For any former players that might be reading this, check out the photos below! The most noticeable different is that we knocked down the middle wall that used to divide the locker room in half – so now it's basically all one big open room – and got a new floor. We've also added two customized couches with the RI logo on them, a barstool table with custom-made chairs and a smart TV, as well as a new refrigerator and microwave.

While all of these enhancements are awesome, the locker room itself is still a work in progress. The next goal is to replace our current lockers with new wooden stalls this coming summer. Anyone interested in helping contribute to this project should contact Nick Narodowy in the URI Athletic Development office. As always, any donation is much appreciated and we thank you very much! 

Thanks again for tuning in… GO RHODY!